Steven Johnson’s work is remarkably unique and of superior quality. The first ring Steven made for me was in 1986. It is still as beautiful as the first day he made it. He also designed my husband and mine’s wedding rings, which we have worn every day for the last 12 years. Not a month goes by that I don’t receive a comment about its beauty and individual details. He knows how to enhance every stone’s placement, his design and goldsmithing skills are consummate and lasting. I own half a dozen of Steven’s masterpieces, I cherish each one and know that someday my children's children will love them as much as I do.

— Christina McPherson

I originally went to Steve with my mother’s diamond ring which I inherited over a decade ago. The setting was exactly what my mother had wanted, but I had never felt comfortable in it. When I went to Steve with the ring, he immediately intuited  not only what I wanted to do in changing the setting but also that it was an emotional event for me. Throughout the process of creating and making the new ring, he understood that this was about more than simply swapping out a setting. To my delight, he suggested creating the ring using the gold from the original ring and my mother’s wedding band. It is stunning. Steve is a creative genius with a huge heart. His designs are elegant perfection. I’ve met a lot of gemologists in my life, but I have never met one who has his unerring sense of style and his understanding that jewelry is about more than simple beauty; it’s also about memory and connections with those we love. He honors all three in his work.
— Ann C. Diver-Stamnes, Ph.D.
Professor and Secondary Education Program Leader
PACT Director
School of Education
Humboldt State University

When my husband and I planned to elope in 2004, we knew we had to let Steve Johnson in on our little plan. I had known Steve for years and always knew one day I would hire him for my wedding ring. Meeting with him was such a fun experience. We came in with dog eared magazines but did not have a clear vision of what we wanted. Steve shared his portfolio with us and and helped us narrow down the exact look that we wanted. Steve was able to take the diamonds out of my Grandmother’s 1937 wedding ring (which had been made into a pendant) and incorporate them into one of his fabulous custom designs. He made my husband a beautiful custom ring as well, with two of the diamonds. My ring is the most precious thing I own. I have had dozens of people stop me over the years to ask about it and I have happily referred them to Steve.

— Amy Bohner

When it came time to creating my wedding band I wanted a custom band from a local jeweller. I was led to Steve and Kirk who gave me just what I wanted. My husband & I love looking for agates on our beautiful beaches. I wanted to put one of my found agates in my ring as the center piece & use the diamonds from my engagement band. Steve did both splendidly and created an absolutely beautiful and unique ring. I couldn’t have asked for more.
— Jaimie and Nick Kloeppel